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President Biden’s approval rating falls even lower to 39% and Republicans open up a ten-point lead over Democrats in the latest poll from the Federalist. —Michael

Republicans Jump To 10-Point Lead In Generic Ballot Test Sean Davis, The Federalist

Biden’s collapsing Hispanic support — A. RODRIGUEZ, NY POST

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The new disinformationists — VICTOR HANSON, AM. GREATNESS

A Government Disinformation Board? You Don’t say! Clarice Feldman, American Thinker

Elon Musk is Right About Free Speech on Twitter —Jeffrey Rosen, The Atlantic

Inflation Can’t Be CensoredDavid Catron, The American Spectator

With Fealty to Frailty, the Federalist Party of America Launches WILLIAM F. B. O’REILLY, National Review

Tucker Carlson: Long Story Short —Scott Johnson, Powerline

Biden Can’t Force Taxpayers To Pay Off Student LoansMay Davis, The Federalist

Yes, Randi Weingarten, Parents Are at War For Our KidsKarol Markowicz, NYP

Is Nuclear Power Safe?Robert Zubrin, Quillette

The short happy life of Robert Louis Stevenson —Joseph Epstein, The New Criterion