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This was a fun thing at today’s Trump rally. He put up on screen some slides that showed his polling for a Republican primary in 2024, and one of the names on the list was Liz Cheney, which was great for some boos and laughs.

There were also comparisons against Biden and on Trump’s overall support, all of it looking primo.

As you can see in this chart, Ron DeSantis came in second, but a distant second. (Note, the most relevant number is the one on the right side, it’s a date progression.)

Interesting that DeSantis only started really leading Pence – PENCE – in October. Yes, a couple of times before that, but unbroken only since October.

Watch the whole presentation here:

Nothing, not even Elon Musk buying Twitter, scares the left as much as 2024. Not even 2022. It’s pretty awesome.