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Today’s fresh ominous election news for Democrats comes from the ABC News poll that came out over the weekend. While the poll surprisingly shows a narrowing of the GOP generic ballot lead, on the individual issues that matter most to voters, Republicans maintain a large lead:

On inflation, it appears Biden doesn’t even get the backing of a large portion of Democrats:

At this point in his presidency, Biden’s approval rating is the second-worst (behind Trump, who started underwater) of the last 14 presidents going back more than 60 years.

There’s a clear break in his approval ratings, and it coincides with our disgraceful bugout from Afghanistan:

Democrats think the report of the January 6 Committee, whose release will surely be timed with maximum fanfare for campaign purposes, will be the game changer that rescues them at the ballot box. I haven’t seen much polling data on whether the public cares about January 6 in large numbers, but I expect both parties are quietly polling the issue. Stay tuned.