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Dr. Anthony Fauci decided against attending the White House Correspondents dinner on Saturday night —but that didn’t stop him from attending other WHCA events, including a brunch —maskless.

Fauci said he made “an individual assessment of my personal risk” as his reason for not attending the dinner.

From Brietbart News…

[Fauci] attended the 27th Annual White House Correspondents’ Weekend Garden Brunch where he went on camera to celebrate people coming back out of their homes again.

“We’ve been two and half years in one of the most stressful times we’ve had since you know since world wars, if you look at that historically,” Fauci said.

The nation’s top doctor and adviser for President Joe Biden’s coronavirus pandemic response team wore a black turtleneck for the brunch underneath a charcoal suit.

And no mask.

Fauci took photos with many of the unmasked attendees.

“We’ve still gotta be careful. It isn’t completely over. But it certainly is going in the right direction. So we’re glad to see people able to come out, they’re vaccinated, they’re boosted, they’re tested,” Fauci said. “So it’s pretty good.”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), a frequent critic of Fauci, recently blasted him and his failed COVID-19 policies.

“Fauci is a man that is against everything that America stands for,” Paul said.