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Three shoplifters wiped out another Walgreens in California, this one just south of the leftist mecca of San Francisco.

Two black women were seen removing all of the nicotine products from the shelves, before running to a different area of the store where a male accomplice was stealing other items.

No one bothered to stop them despite the fact that there were other patrons in the store:

As the three were fleeing the store, the employee videoing yelled “get a job” while one of the thieves yelled “f— you”.

It’s sad to say but these videos have become more commonplace than not because of the wreckless laws in California.

As we’ve explained time and time again, Democrat legislators in the state passed Prop 47 back in 2015, which dropped the penalty for property theft from a felony to a misdemeanor as long as the amount doesn’t exceed $950.

This new law, together with selective enforcement, has caused a crime wave of shoplifting which has devastated stores like Walgreens.

Late last year, we reported that Walgreens had already closed around 15 stores in San Francisco. This store in the city of Millbrae might be next if this continues.