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Violent Antifa mobs are allowed to do anything they want in this country, even commit murder.

No surprise they’d feel totally empowered in the city where they’re basically in charge: Portland.

And that’s why when the People’s Convoy rolled through, they thought it was fine to throw paint and rocks onto a highway full of traffic to try and — well y’all tell me. Stop the convoy? Kill the drivers? Think about it. And there was at least one shot fired, according to police.

Andy Ngo added some information.

Here’s a closer view on the paint throwing.

Fox News says:

Police reported an incident on the Northeast Glisan Street overpass on Interstate 205. According to police reports, a shot was fired between protesters and counter-protesters on the highway.

“At 6:54 p.m., North Precinct and East Precinct officers responded to a report of a group throwing objects off the Northeast Glisan Street overpass over Interstate 205 and that a shot had been fired,” Portland Police said in a statement.

“Portland Police were monitoring a protest ‘convoy’ that was driving through Portland and counter-demonstrators confronting them. Officers determined that the shot fired call was likely related.”

“Police speculate the thrown objects and subsequent confrontation was the source of the gunfire,” writes Fox News. Yeah, no kidding guys.

Police said that “several officers were required as a group of about 15 people were yelling at and harassing the officers as they conducted the investigation.”

No arrests and no victims of any shots. But we all see what happened. Violent antifa leftists tried to kill convoy drivers and then found out how good an idea that was.