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I won’t repeat the story of how I was kicked off Twitter. Briefly, Twitter said my account was hacked and then refused to acknowledge it ever existed. I wasn’t especially disappointed, as Twitter was a cesspool and I didn’t do a lot with my account. I had around 14,000 followers, as I recall, and I only used the account to tweet out Power Line posts. After my original account disappeared, I started a new one, @HinderakerJohn.

Irony alert: my original account was @JohnHinderaker. After Twitter told me 1) my @JohnHinderaker account was hacked and the email changed, and 2) they had no record of a user called @JohnHinderaker, they also told me 3) I couldn’t start a new account @JohnHinderaker because that username was already taken.

So my account is now @HinderakerJohn. You can find it here. I have done little to build it up, and only have around 500 followers. But a new day is dawning! With Twitter about to be released from left-wing bondage, as we hope, it will be worthwhile to actually engage on the platform. So I will undertake to follow more good conservative accounts, and tweet more often and, I hope, more creatively.

It’s a new era! So if you are on Twitter, I ask that you follow me @HinderakerJohn. If you are not on Twitter, you might consider joining. The next few months will be an interesting ride.