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There seems to be a common narrative being expressed by conservative commentators and talking heads. The “Disinformation Governance Board,” also known as the Ministry of Truth, was launched by the Biden regime to police topics of particular interest to the Democrats, at least according to most pundits. What if I told you that Biden and the Democrats are just the pimps in this whole thing who are getting some benefit but who are really just supposed to take the brunt of the blowback?

There’s a scene in The Godfather when Vito Corleone is instructing consigliere Tom Hagen on how to handle Emilio Barzini’s new drug enterprise. Tom is surprised by this because he believes he is dealing with Philip Tattaglia. But as Vito informs him, Tattaglia’s a pimp. The real power behind the scenes is Barzini.

Democrats are pimps in all of this. Joe Biden is a puppet being told what to do by the powers-that-be. Disinformation Governance Board Director Nina Jankowicz is an intentionally placed distraction who will draw focus to her instead of the evil deeds intended for the board itself to commit. Here she is, perfectly theatrical and easily controversial:

There’s another common narrative that this was a knee-jerk reaction to Elon Musk buying Twitter. What if I told you that this is also not true, that they’ve been planning this for a very long time and Musk buying Twitter was just an inciting catalyst to make it all seem like this was a spur-of-the-moment decision? In reality, there was always going to be this Ministry of Truth. It was just a matter of selecting the right moment, just like gun-grabbers wait for a mass shooting before trying to incite calls for gun control.

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On today’s episode of The Midnight Sentinel, I explain how all of this is coming together and why it’s the globalist elites, the New World Order, who are actually behind the installation of the Ministry of Truth. We can tell this by what has been censored and what hasn’t. For the most part, the things being censored help Democrats, though not all of them do. Meanwhile, some of the things that would benefit them to be censored are completely ignore.

The globalists at the World Economic Forum, on the other hand, get benefits from everything that is censored and there’s nothing that isn’t censored that they would want covered up. Democrats and some Republicans are getting scraps from the censorship, just like pimps. The architects of The Great Reset get all of the benefits.

Let’s look at what has been censored over the last three years or more by corporate media and Big Tech. This will give us a very clear hint at what the new Ministry of Truth will go after as well.

Censored: The 2020 Election Steal

It’s becoming more clear every day that the powers-that-be among the globalists were the real organizers of the theft and coverup of the 2020 election. Democrats simply aren’t that clever and nowhere near organized enough to pull off such a massive theft, especially when we consider the likelihood of a Trump landslide that needed to be reversed.

The powers-that-be NEEDED Trump out of the way. Moreover, they NEEDED someone they controlled like Joe Biden to be in the White House. This is why the first election theft was perpetrated against Bernie Sanders in the primary. As awful as his policies would have been, he’s not as corrupt as Biden and therefore not as easy for the globalists to control. They weren’t looking for Marxist ideas in the White House. They were looking for complete control and a willingness to sacrifice Americans for the sake of The Great Reset. That’s why Biden was their selection.

Censored: Climate Change Truth

This has always been at the forefront of World Economic Forum’s long-term plan. Before the pandemic, it was the vehicle they were going to use to gaslight the people into handing over their freedoms for the sake of security. Then, Covid-19 popped up and whether you believe the powers-that-be unleashed it intentionally or that it was just dumb luck that they took advantage of, here we are and they used Pandemic Panic Theater masterfully.

Today, they’re reengaging with climate change hysteria. They need it in order for the World Health Organization to seize massive control through the Pandemic Treaty. The last thing they want is patriots to be spreading the truth about how we’re really not going to all die in ten years if we don’t kill all the cows and trash our fossil fuel vehicles, just as we didn’t die ten years after they started this narrative in the 1970s.

It’s noteworthy that the Democrats do NOT benefit from suppression of this topic. Because they possess narrative control through corporate media, Big Tech, academia, and most scientists, it would behoove them for “climate change skeptics” to speak out, at least from an electoral perspective. They can sway those in the murky middle into believing in the need to go green. If this Ministry of Truth was only to benefit them, climate change would not be a censored topic.

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Censored: Grooming

Isn’t it odd that it’s now considered “bigoted” to call someone a groomer of children? Think about it. The LGBTQIA+ movement claims that calling someone a groomer is an attack against them, which is to say that those who are groomers are all in their community. That’s an odd narrative to push, but it’s the one that’s going out there thanks to the powers-that-be needing grooming to continue.

There is nothing more perverse in our world than the sexual exploitation of children, which is why the powers-that-be need it to continue. It’s through this perversion that they’re able to control many of the politicians and business leaders of the world. Jeffrey Epstein may have been the most famous, but he definitely wasn’t the only pedophile peddler and he was likely not even the most prolific.

Censored: Transgender and LGBTQIA+ Supremacy

This is a separate topic from grooming in the eyes of the New World Order even though most Americans would tie the two together. With this type of censorship, the goal is indoctrination. They want impressionable and often brainwashed people to believe they are given superior privileges and protections. “Deadnaming” someone is a certain way to get blacklisted by corporate media and banned by Big Tech.

The reason for this is clear. The powers-that-be need to reduce the number of people who may grow to embrace a Biblical worldview. When someone is either recruited into the LGBTQIA+ community or indoctrinated into being a “cisgender supporter,” they are far less likely to believe in the Bible which explicitly condemns such things.

Just as Karl Marx knew socialism was only possible with the abolition of religion, so too do the architects of The Great Reset realize the Neo-Marxist future they envision is directly opposed by a Biblical worldview. LGBTQIA+ supremacy is a pathway to help them achieve their goals, which is why they need censorship to both quiet the opposition and protect the brainwashed.

Censored: Vaccine Reality

Arguably the biggest piece of evidence that the Democrats are simply censorship pimps and the New World Order is really behind all of this Ministry of Truth hoopla is the censoring of vaccine realities. Most of us have known for a long time that the vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Even health officials have been acknowledging for months that what they used to call “rare breakthrough cases” are actually indicative of Covid jab normalcy because the injections neither prevent someone from getting infected nor do they keep the infected from spreading the disease.

They’ve stuck to their guns that the vaccines prevent hospitalizations and deaths, which is how they keep people pumping more boosters into their arms. But scientific studies are starting to go mainstream that say the jabs don’t even do that. In fact, some studies show the jabbed are MORE likely to get infected, be hospitalized, and die from Covid than the unvaxxed. This would be an agenda killer if it’s allowed to spread, so the timing of this governing board couldn’t have been better for the architects of The Great Reset.

As for Democrats, they’re not alone in promoting the efficacy of the jabs. Many Republicans express the same views, and while Republicans generally oppose mandates they still push the efficacy and safety of the drugs. Even President Trump continues to this day to tout “his” vaccines. No, it does not benefit Democrats to suppress this information, at least not in the context of elections or political gain. One can argue that their puppetmasters in Big Pharma make it worth their while, which is why people like Mitch McConnell benefit so greatly from Pandemic Panic Theater, but censoring the truth only draws a brighter spotlight to the politicians’ complicity in the long run. Censoring vaccine reality plays perfectly with the New World Order’s machinations.

Now, let’s look at a few things that are not being censored on a widespread basis. These are all things that would benefit the Democrats if they were being censored, but play no role in what the New World Order wants.

Not Censored: Critical Race Theory

This is closely tied to LGBTQIA+ supremacy from a political perspective. Speaking out against CRT damages Democrats greatly, so if they really wanted to help themselves then there would be widespread censorship of CRT arguments just as there’s widespread censorship of transgender supremacy complaints. But censoring criticism of CRT is minimal, almost non-existent. It’s a “safe” topic to attack on corporate and social media.

It may behoove Democrats to have CRT arguments censored, but it does not behoove the powers-that-be. In fact, debates about CRT generate the strife they feel is necessary to achieve their goals. They need America divided, and CRT is a wonderfully divisive topic for them. They won’t have it censored.

Not Censored: Abortion Truth

One would think with all of the so-called “consensus” among doctors and social scientists about the rights of women, this would be a topic that gets widely censored by Democrats. It’s not. Again, this is a “safe” topic because it creates the strife the New World Order demands.

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Not Censored: Gun Control Pushback

This is the funny one. We often assume that the powers-that-be want us all disarmed. That’s true in the long run, but when things start to collapse in the United States, whether societally or economically, it will be the massive presence of an armed populace that will actually help the New World Order achieve its goals. They will use it as the predicate to take control of the nation through military action because the people are simply “too dangerous.”

One of the biggest reasons we need our guns is because they will try to take them. That may not make sense to a gun-grabber, but to those of us who understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment in the fight against tyranny, it makes perfect sense. This may be the only issue in which patriotic Americans agree with the powers-that-be. They want us armed so they have an excuse to come in, and we want to be armed because we want to be ready when they try.

Democrats, on the other hand, would love to censor pro-2nd-Amendment discussions so they can “peacefully” take our guns, or so they think. But this topic will not be censored because the powers-that-be do not align with Democrats on this issue.


It’s easy to just blame Democrats for their crazy actions like installing a Ministry of Truth, but doing so gives them too much credit. They are pimps for the New World Order, nothing more.

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