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Yesterday Elon Musk tweeted a graphic showing just how much the Left has changed over the years in relation to himself and the Right:

That looks pretty dang accurate to me. Seriously, just pick a topic and see how much further the left has gone.

For example, Obama was against gay marriage and then, suddenly he changed his mind and became the ‘first gay president’.

Transgenderism wasn’t even much of a thing back in 2008 but now it’s all the rage on the left, to the point that they are replacing real women with fake women.

The left has continually gotten more woke over the years to the point that it’s become an absurdity.

But they don’t like the mirror image they see and were quick to outrage about this tweet:

And then there’s this guy…

He’s just like Trump? What an idiot.

I bet Musk didn’t even vote for Trump. Musk isn’t claiming to be conservative and he hasn’t said all of the things they are claiming about him. He’s just stood up against censorship and for free speech on one of the world’s biggest social media platform and the left has gone absolute bonkers.