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Rep. Chip Roy dropped more truth bombs on DHS Secretary Mayorkas this morning than I can count.

Roy went after Mayorkas on the reality of what’s happening at the border, showing him photo after photo after photo and even tossing some of them on the floor in front of him.


You simply can’t argue with what Roy is saying here even though I’m sure Mayorkas would if he tried.

But these Biden folks just don’t seem to care that their policies are causing all of this death and destruction of people’s lives. If they did they’d do something about it. They probably excuse all of the death as keeping the population numbers in check or something. Libs love to talk about controlling the population.

Remember, Trump had the border secured before he left and Biden has destroyed everything that Trump accomplished. And it’s going to get worse as soon as the stop turning people away because of the COVID.

Below is another clip of Roy giving Mayorkas hell:

And if you like these clips, you’ll love watching Jim Jordan confront Mayorkas about the same thing: