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Matt Walsh has written a book for children called Johnny the Walrus. It satirizes the current transgender craze, which has resulted in an epidemic of irreversible child abuse:

Johnny is a little boy with a big imagination. One day he pretends to be a big scary dinosaur, the next day he’s a knight in shining armor or a playful puppy. But when the internet people find out Johnny likes to make-believe, he’s forced to make a decision between the little boy he is and the things he pretends to be — and he’s not allowed to change his mind.

To the horror of the libs who work at Amazon, Walsh’s book is selling like hotcakes on that platform. Someone leaked a zoom call on which Amazon employees wring their hands over what to do about Johnny the Walrus. I should note that the statements about the book made by the anonymous caller are entirely false. In typical liberal fashion, she just made them up. The people on the call would know they were false if they took the trouble to read Johnny the Walrus, a kids’ board book, which probably would have taken two minutes or less. But of course they didn’t bother. Ideology is everything.


These people sound like caricatures of liberals, but they are real. That is the bad news. The good news is that they didn’t succeed in censoring Johnny the Walrus. To be fair, it isn’t clear what efforts at censorship they actually made, if any. Be that as it may, at the moment, Johnny is the best-selling book on Amazon:

Not to mention first in the categories of Humor and Political Commentary and Opinion. So if efforts at censorship were made, they failed. More broadly, the pattern seems clear: liberal attempts at censorship not only flop, they draw even more attention to already-popular conservative products and themes.