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Can you handle the cringe?

During a recent interview on his soon-to-be canceled CNN+ show, host Chris Wallace pressed film producer Brian Grazer about a project based on the Chris Wallace-Donald Trump interviews.

“So, I have to ask a question,” Wallace asks Grazer. “When we got to know each other a little better, you said to me one time that you thought there was a possible project in Trump/Wallace.”

“I did. I didn’t know you’d bring that up. Umm—,” Grazer responds.

“Did you really believe that,” Wallace continues.

“Your interviews with him were perfect,” Grazer answers.

“Well, okay. Thank you,” Wallace says.

“Because you were able to, without any chip on your shoulder, you were able to talk directly and get direct answers like a little version of that,” Grazer continued.

Then, Wallace goes in for the kill…

WALLACE: So, maybe we’ll talk after the—


WALLACE: — the thing about going to do it.

Brutal. Watch the clip above.