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SHENZHEN—This week, Christians in China gathered in their underground churches to pray for American Christians suffering persecution at the hands of the Walt Disney Company.

“Father God, lift up our American brothers and sisters enduring this unrelenting persecution,” prayed Sarah Mai, a mother of two whose husband has been jailed since a 2019 raid on their house church forced them underground. “Grant them courage as they are mocked on social media, as they sometimes have to be discerning about which Disney shows their kids watch, and as they must now enjoy Disneyland without posting about it for fear of being shamed by their elders.”

Sources say the group joined hands and sang the hymn “They Need Thee Every Hour”, a hymn written by Sarah’s husband and the jailed pastor of their house church, Mr. Troy Mai.

Members of their church spoke with our journalists and explained that they knew the risk of incarceration and being forced into “re-education camps” if the church continued to meet, but stated that the urgency of the situation in America sparked a desire to lift up Western believers in their darkest hour.

“Sarah, I am strengthened and inspired by your reports of believers in America, undergoing unimaginable hardship,” Troy Mai wrote to his wife from his 5×5 cell.

At publishing time, 75% of American churches responded by launching sermon series going through 1 Peter about being “aliens and exiles,” with the other 25% opting for topical sermon series on the gospel themes in Stranger Things.

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