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Once again, I won’t be talking about Johnny Depp or the NBA Playoffs. With so many existential threats facing our nation and the people today, it seems every episode of The Midnight Sentinel lately has been about major issues. And while I long for the days when I could talk about limiting government or cutting taxes, we are faced with too many issues that are far more pressing.

Among those pressing issues is the food shortages that seem destined to hit Americans very soon. Unlike some of the other issues invariably tied to The Great Reset and the globalist elites’ plan to subjugate us all, food shortages are being largely downplayed compared to the massive threat they pose to the vast majority of Americans. This is why I’ve talked about them pretty much non-stop for weeks.

As I detailed in yesterday’s show, there are seven reasons to believe food shortages in America are inevitable. Or, to be more accurate, seven causes are all coming together as the “perfect storm” to try to take us out. On today’s show, I went into detail about what all these seven things mean and why I believe it’s all part of a plan.

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Ukraine-Russia War

Some would argue that Russia didn’t take the effects on our economy into account when they invaded Ukraine. I can buy that, just as I can buy the theory that Vladimir Putin was prompted directly or indirectly by the powers-that-be to help them accelerate the downfall of western society. Whatever motivated him, he’s there now and the world is being dramatically harmed by the shortages of grain and fertilizer exports as a result.

But the other side of the coin is the part that seems almost certainly motivated by the goal of destroying capitalism and western society in the process. The sanctions coming almost entirely from western powers like the United States against Russia have done as much to cripple our own economy as it’s done to cripple theirs. Unfortunately, the sanctions have done nothing to bring the war to an end, so if that was the intention then they’ve been a complete failure.

I contend that ending the invasion was NOT the primary goal. What we’re seeing is an extremely successful decimation of food supplies and economic strength in both Russia and western societies. The difference is Russia seems to have prepared for it by partnering with China and other sympathetic nations. We were not prepared at all, and I believe that was the point. The sanctions that aren’t working against Russia continue to mount, destroying our economy while theirs is finding alternative routes to survive.

Bird Flu

Over 30 million chickens and turkeys have died or been culled because of the bird flu. I never thought it was a planned event, but in light of everything else we’re seeing I’m no longer certain. It could have been introduced easily into our bird population and nobody would be able to track it back in time to stop it.

Pandemic Panic Theater

Nearly two years of “two weeks to flatten the curve” only succeeded in flattening the economy. Countless businesses and jobs have been lost forever, and while new businesses and jobs may pop up to replace some of them, it will be years before we see a full rebound. To make matters worse, we may NEVER see a full rebound if either the current policies aren’t changed dramatically or another round of Pandemic Panic Theater hits.

We should expect that. Whether it’s another surge of Omicron, a new variant, or a new disease altogether, it would be foolish to believe we won’t see Pandemic Panic Theater rear its ugly head again, probably just before the midterm elections. The globalists desperately need to salvage the fortunes of Democrat lawmakers so we can and should expect them to push for more lockdowns and mandates soon enough.

But it isn’t just elections that they want to steal. They need to reach their magic number of vaccinated people across the globe in order for The Great Reset to work. That may or may not be directly connected to the food shortages, but it’s on the periphery at the very least. They need more people jabbed and they need those who have already been jabbed to continue to get jabbed. The reason is up for debate and is almost certainly speculation no matter how certain the “experts” are about it, but we know for sure they’re gaslighting more and more every day to keep vaccine-mania alive.

If there’s another round of Pandemic Panic Theater, the economy and food supply will suffer. If there’s no new round, the damage has already been done.

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Food Processing Facilities Destroyed

As I detailed last week, the inexplicable rise in food processing plants being destroyed in recent weeks is more than the total number of plants reported on in the preceding decade. Even the corrupt FBI is echoing warnings of cyberattacks that could destroy food processing facilities, prompting many conspiracy theorists to point to Russia. I think it’s equally likely that it’s the World Economic Forum proxies as it could be Russia, but either way we’re seeing some of the most crucial industrial facilities in the nation destroyed on a regular basis lately.

According to last week’s report:

Let’s state for the record right up front that I am very certain the destruction of food processing plants is being done intentionally. With over a dozen major food processing plants in North America as well as across the globe “randomly” burning to the ground, exploding, or otherwise being destroyed in the last few weeks alone, this is all part of the plan. It is far too frequent to be random.

I would go so far as to say there have been more “random” food processing plants destroyed in the last few weeks than over the course of the previous decade. Judging by news searches that EXCLUDE 2022, it just wasn’t very common. Now, it’s happening every single week, and often multiple times in the same week.

If these were happening by themselves, I could almost write it off as possibly an odd coincidence. But considering all of the other actions in play to destroy our food supply, I’m confident this is part of the plan.

China Hoarding

It’s conspicuous that China started hoarding grain no later than 2019. It appears they may have started before then, but considering the media blackout on the subject it’s hard to tell. All we know is they have a lot of food tucked away for a rainy day that they apparently foresaw in the months before Covid-19 was unleashed on the world.

By mid-2022, China will hold 69% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of its rice and 51% of its wheat, according to USDA predictions. If that doesn’t concern you, then you’re reading the wrong article.

They have enough food stored away to feed their gigantic population for over two years even if all other food production was halted. By comparison, the United States has about three months’ worth stored away. The vast majority of nations are not prepared for cataclysmic food shortages, including us. China is.

They aren’t just producing it. They’ve been importing it as well. In fact, they imported more than double the food in 2020 than they did in 2016. It’s part of the reason food prices elsewhere are rising so sharply.

According to Nikkei:

Food prices are on the rise around the world. The food price index, calculated by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, in November stood about 30% higher than a year earlier. “Hoarding by China is one reason for rising prices,” said Akio Shibata, president of the Natural Resource Research Institute in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo.

Many will want to know what China knew that we didn’t. Frankly, I don’t care at this point. We can point fingers later. Today, I want to know what we can do to fix the problem. To the best of my knowledge, the only thing we can do is focus on building up our own food supplies for ourselves and our families. The only other viable course of action is to pray.

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Supply Chain Crisis

There is no bigger reason to blame nearly everyone in Washington DC, including Republicans, or our food shortage woes than the supply chain. It has been a growing problem since Biden was installed into the White House but very few Republicans have lifted a finger to draw attention to it, let alone solve the problem.

It’s really not that complicated of a fix. If we took a small portion of the tens of billions of dollars in aid that we’re sending to fight Russia and applied that to incentivize and mobilize supply chain relief, the problem could be solved in three or four months. Instead, the Biden regime is doing nothing but talk and most Republicans aren’t even doing that.


This is the biggest problem that’s getting such little attention. It’s how we know the food shortage is manufactured and being aided by our own government. Biden announced the lifting of restrictions on ethanol being used in gasoline for the summer. This was alleged to relieve gas prices, but it will not drop prices by a single penny.

They know this. They did it anyway. Are they just that incompetent or that desperate or positive optics? No. It didn’t deliver positive optics at all as radical climate change folks panned the plan and even corporate media acknowledged it won’t do much if anything at all at the pumps.

What it WILL do is drive the prices of grains even higher. The most affected industry will be meat producers who need those grains for feed. With feed prices already skyrocketing, this will make the prices of beef, chicken, and pork go even higher.

They know exactly what they’re doing. Okay, so maybe Joe Biden himself doesn’t have a clue but his handlers are rolling it all out as part of the plan to destroy our economy and cause massive food shortages across the nation.


Folks, now is not the time to wonder if I’m right. Assume it and act accordingly. We can debate it all if I’m wrong, but at this point the best-case scenario is massive food price increases in lieu of a full-blown economic collapse. Regardless of where we land on the food crisis scale, now is the time to stock up and spread the word. People will die because of this, and while we can’t do much to stop the cause we can try to mitigate the effects.

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Too Few Are Telling the Truth

Not long ago, conservative media was not beholden to anyone. Today, most sites are stuck on the Big Tech gravy train.

I’ll keep this short. The rise of Pandemic Panic Theater, massive voter fraud, and other “taboo” topics have neutered a majority of conservative news sites. You’ll notice they are very careful about what topics they tackle. Sure, they’ll attack Critical Race Theory, Antifa, and the Biden-Harris regime, but you won’t see them going after George Soros, Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, or the Deep State, among others.

The reason is simple. They are beholden to Big Tech, and Big Tech doesn’t allow certain topics to be discussed or they’ll cut you off. Far too many conservative news outlets rely on Google, Facebook, and Twitter for the bulk of their traffic. They depend on big checks from Google ads to keep the sites running. I don’t necessarily hold it against them. We all do what we need to do to survive. I just wish more would do like we have, which is to cut out Big Tech altogether.

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Like I said, I don’t hold other conservative sites under too much scrutiny over their choices. It’s easy for people to point fingers when we’re not the ones paying their bills or supporting their families. I just wish there were more who would break away. Today, only a handful of other major conservative news outlets have broken away from the Big Tech teat. Of course, we need help.

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