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Although many Republicans are unhappy with Fox News since they were lambasted for calling some states early on election night 2020, going further left in many ways, and being unfair to President Trump over the years, it seems Fox News is still keeping high ratings.

We assume many have not tuned back in, but many have, and the channel is beating others like CNN in a big way, putting many left-leaning news channels to shame.

Many further right Trump supporters feel Sean Hannity is out of touch, but he is still getting a lot of viewers, although not as many as “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, or “The Five”.

“The Five” was the most-watched cable news show for April. The right-leaning news channel averaged 1.5 million total viewers, beating MSNBC at a distant number 2 with 668,000 viewers.

“Fox News Channel crushes all of basic cable in April, ‘The Five’ finishes as No. 1 show”

Fox News reported on the “runners up” to “The Five” on Fox News:

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged 3.4 million to finish second, followed by “Jesse Watters Primetime,” “Hannity,” Special Report with Bret Baier,” “The Ingraham Angle,” Gutfeld!,” “Outnumbered,” “America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino,” “The Faulkner Focus,” “Your World with Neil Cavuto” and “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” As a result, Fox News was responsible for 66 of the top 100 cable telecasts of the month. 

Greg Gutfeld’s show beat Jimmy Kimmel, while Kimmel has been desperate for content and floundering for direction. Kimmel recently defended Tucker Carlson’s right to “exist” although he doubled down on disagreeing with his specific narrative as well.

Fox News reported that the data they reported on came from “Nielsen Media Research”.

Meanwhile, left-leaning news channels are struggling as they are running out of “anti-Trump” material to talk about, and demonizing Elon Musk while he pushes for free speech seems to be a failing strategy as well. CNN+ will end on April 30th, and the former Fox News host, although he may get a big payday, will be searching for something to do next.

Some may argue Fox News will never be everything they want it to be, which would be correct in our view. However, they probably got the message in some regards as well, as many left-leaning hosts have left, and Tucker Carlson thrives despite many attempts by leftists and advertisers to have him “canceled”. Perhaps the left’s cancel culture is slowly backfiring on them, but it will take many years to see how the political pendulum ultimately swings.

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