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Yesterday we reported that Kamala Harris has come down with a case of the COVID and that she was said NOT to be a close contact of Biden.

Kamala was said to be asymptomatic:

But then last night we learned, via Kamala’s second or third press secretary, that she’s been prescribed an antiviral drug called Paxlovid:

I’m not doctor or medical expert so I looked up the drug. According to Yale Medicine, someone should begin taking Paxlovid “within five days of developing symptoms”.

If I were a reporter, I would want to know if Kamala has indeed developed symptoms. It’s possible when they wrote the press release she didn’t have any symptoms and developed them later yesterday. So I’m not suggesting any deception is going on.

But this would be an interesting development since Kamala has had all of her vaccines. According to Politico, she is “fully vaccinated and doubly boosted.” One would think with all of that she would not have any issues with the COVID, but here she is taking Paxlovid.