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Joe Biden just said another doozy today with zero realization that he’s talking about himself.

Just watch:

Biden claims that ‘abuse of power’ is why he got into politics, and says this as if his hands are completely clean.

There’s a lot of things you can say here, but the single earliest moment of his abuse of power that comes to mind is the Clarence Thomas hearings.

Of course then fast forward to Biden using his son to get his family rich while he abuses his own power to force Ukrainian leaders to fire a good prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company, Burisma.

Need I go on?

Just look at his horrific Afghanistan withdrawal, where Biden’s cowering was an abuse of power which led to Americans being left in the hands of a terrorist organization, as well as the entire country.

Look, I could spend all day doing this but I don’t have that kind of time. The point is that Biden is one of the biggest abusers of power and yet he says stuff like this and gets away with it.