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This is incredible.

MSNBC host Ari Melber is suddenly worried that Twitter can be manipulated to hurt Democrats because Elon Musk owns it now.

Of course Melber couches it in saying ‘either political party’ but we all know he means ‘Democrats’.

You know, Elon Musk isn’t the first owner of Twitter. Where was all of this reflection in the 2020 election when Twitter suspended the New York Post and banished their article on Joe and Hunter Biden from being posted by anyone because it would help Donald Trump???

They were already rigging the system and doing exactly what Melber is worried about here. Yet he never said a thing, never even cared.

These people are leftist hacks who only care when the system is rigged in their favor and when they lose the court or their favorite social media platform, they claim THE SKY IS FALLING.

Here’s leftist hack Robert Reich worried that Twitter is suddenly a monopoly, saying it’s bad for our democracy:

BLM activist Shaun King must agree that the sky is falling because he just deleted his account:

Good riddance.

As always, Ben Shapiro sums up the left’s reaction well:

Lastly, @stillgray posted this morning the new anti-Twitter narrative being pushed by the tech media, making sure people know how to delete their Twitter accounts.

Minor Update: Shaun King has turned his account back on, so he’s not gone after all.