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Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan laid into Brian Stelter and CNN+ during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan chats with guest author Douglas Murray about Stelter’s strangeness and CNN charging people for something they didn’t want for free.

“His pattern of communication is so strange,” Rogan said. “It’s like, do you listen to other people? They talk very differently than you. And also, Krystal Ball from ‘Breaking Points’ was making fun of him the other day. She’s like, why does he sit like this? Because you ever notice, he sits like this.”

“They spent $300 million, they got 10,000 subscribers,” Rogan said. “Imagine the hubris of thinking that something that people don’t want for free, that you’re gonna charge money for it.”

Warner Bros. Discovery officially announced last week that CNN+ would be ending after it failed to find an audience.

Watch the clip above.