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Reports are flying left and right that Twitter, which previously sought to fend off Elon Musk’s bid to buy them out and take the social media giant private, is actually talking to Musk today. A deal could be reached this week or even today that would give the Tesla CEO control of Twitter.

Based on the newest news, the left-leaning outlet “Bloomberg” owned by leftist Michael Bloomberg, posted an article speculating that in their opinion, there is a high likelihood of “The Tweeter in Chief” Donald Trump returning to Twitter.

Musk has not really said one way or another what he may do in regards to unbanning accounts that were permanently suspended, including Donald Trump and many other smaller accounts, some of which were never given a clear violation or reason for their bans.

Nevertheless, many “banned” Twitter users are hoping Musk gives them back their platforms, some of which were quite large.

Bloomberg gave lots of reasons for their speculation here, and one of the paragraphs from the story reads:

Musk has said he prefers to stay out of politics, but there are good reasons to suspect a Musk-owned Twitter would reactivate President Trump’s account. Beyond saying at TED that he wants to be “very cautious with permanent bans,” Musk applauded the former president two years ago when Trump supported Tesla’s plans to reopen a California car factory during the Covid-19 lockdown. And in a few recent tweets, Musk appears to embrace the right-wing, Fox News-bingeing perspective on various cultural flashpoints. (“The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable,” Musk tweeted last week.)

In our view, a deal for Musk to take over is indeed looking likely, as Twitter stock is up today, creeping towards the $54.20 per share offer price, even though most other stocks are down today. We will be staying tuned to monitor the situation for breaking news and updates.

As for whether Musk will “unban” many Twitter users, (we don’t expect a total free for all), only time will tell how that potential process will play out. Ultimately, the app stores have a lot of leverage too, and Musk will have to negotiate deals with them to figure out how much power he actually has should this all take place.

Former President Donald Trump has said he may not want to come back to Twitter. But it will be interested to see if given a chance whether or not he means that, especially since Trump’s ”Truth Social” had been less than promising thus far.

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