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Jimmy Kimmel to the surprise of many seemingly came to the defense of Tucker Carlson. On the New York Times’ podcast, “Sway” Kimmel was asked if Tucker Carlson should be canceled, run off of television.

Kimmel gave a somewhat surprising answer, “No, I don’t think we should cancel Tucker Carlson. I think that Tucker Carlson is on commercial television. And if you don’t like Tucker Carlson, you should not buy the products that are advertised on his show. And if you feel like writing a letter to those companies, you should write a letter to them. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to shut people up, because I want to know where people are coming from. I want to know what they think. I want to know if they have horrible thoughts. I want to hear them. I want to hear their confessions.”

Kimmel makes his money mocking others, if people aren’t allowed to share their opinions or truths he has no fuel for his show. It seems Jimmy Kimmel may be in favor of our first amendment but possibly because that is how he makes his money.

Kimmel then goes on to call Tucker a phony by saying, “Now, do I believe that Tucker Carlson believes the things he says? I do not. I think he is a phony in every respect. I think he’s an algorithm. I think his audience created him. I think he started out as a fairly down-the-middle political broadcaster in a cute little bow tie with polka dots on it. And then Jon Stewart handed him his ass, and he had some kind of Lex Luthor moment where he, little by little, figured out what worked for him ratings-wise, which is primarily speaking to senior citizens like they’re kindergartners and scaring them with garbage.”

Kimmel not only calls him a phony but also a sellout to ratings, he contributes what he seems to consider Tucker’s downfall to Jon Stewart for what exactly we aren’t sure but he may be talking about a feud between the two when Tucker was a cohost of CNN’s “Crossfire”. The Atlantic recently put out a piece on the feud also claiming this fueled Tucker 2.0 as they call it.

Kimmel ends his rant on Tucker with a harder hit equating him to being a drug dealer of a deadly opioid.

“And we all know that I mean the news back to the 60s, scaring people is a good way to get them to tune in. And they trust him in the same way they either still do or used to trust television evangelists. But the difference is that the evangelists take the money directly from their victims. They don’t create a terrifying fantasy world that hurts the whole country and the world as well. I think he’s like the media version of the Sackler family. He’s knowingly producing this deadly opioid of lies that has a devastating effect on the country. But he’s okay with it because it’s making him rich.”

Brian Stelter who is no fan of Tucker himself tweeted an image of Kimmel’s response highlighting the last part of his answer. “Jimmy Kimmel on Tucker Carlson: “I think he’s like the media version of the Sackler family. He’s knowingly producing this deadly opioid of lies that has a devastating effect on the country. But he’s OK with it, because it’s making him rich.”

From Kimmel’s words, he does not like the direction Carlson took after leaving CNN and isn’t shy about blasting the Fox News Host whenever he can. Kimmel says he wants to know what Tucker is saying and not have him canceled and it appears that this may be because if Tucker and those like him were canceled what would Kimmel mock on his late-night show?

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