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Is Jen Psaki TRYING to put Joe Biden down here? Doubtful, but let’s consider pretending that she is just to sow discord in the ranks, the way CNN and MSNBC and Washington Post and New York Times and Salon and Politico and CBS and ABC and Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle and — well I think you know the list — used to do with Trump.

The RNC thinks the most hilarious part of this clip is Psaki saying that people haven’t been able to see Joe Biden’s “magic.” And it’s true, that’s a very, very funny thing.

But it’s not the FUNNIEST part.


Yeah, she’s claiming it’s limitations “imposed upon him” but the mere fact of her argument is the amazing thing.

“Biden is hindered by his limitations” is the truest thing she’s ever said. His limited imagination. His limited and declining mental abilities. His limited real-world experience. His limited courage. He’s got all kinds of limitations.

MOSTLY the receding brain, but yeah, I’ll call this one MOSTLY TRUE, Jen. This has been a Fred T. fact check. Thanks for stopping by!