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Joe Rogan does an AMAZING Brian Stelter impersonation. It’s hilarious. When he and author and New York Post writer Douglas Murray absolutely ended Stelter on the hilarious demise of CNN+ this week I almost died laughing.

This is a relatively short clip but an instant classic. Rogan is the only reason I have Spotify. Normally I wouldn’t even want some weirdo app.

Absolutely NAILED it. “His pattern of communication is so strange. I mean like, do you listen to other people? They talk very differently from you.”

YES. Also why does he sit like that?!.

By the way I think this is the Krystal Ball vid where she made fun of how he sits and other things. Start around 2:28

Amazing. Scoop has always advised it’s wise to keep the Stelter content to a minimum, so irritating is the weirdo that he might drive traffic AWAY.

But people mocking him? Heck y’all I can watch that all day. Because I’ll tell ya what…

That fat, dumb, and bald guy … SUURE is a strange weir-DO DAH dah dum dah dahhh.