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Joe Biden decrepitly tried to dunk on Republicans and specifically Ted Cruz and his comment was weak, sad, and wore an adult diaper. So of course the MSM has been slapping high fives and acting like that meme gif over it.

You know the one.

“This is the MAGA party now. You’ve got the senator from Texas and others, these guys are a different breed of cat. They’re not like what I served with for so many years. The people who know better are afraid to act correctly,” he stuttered.

Well Ted Cruz got ahold of the tweet and had a succinct reply.

See, THAT’S the kind of comment that ACTUALLY gets this gif. You know why? Not because he burned Biden directly. Because he took that burn ATTEMPT and rendered it a joke. Since the media had this reaction for Biden, it’s all the more appropriate for Ted.

DeSantis should pick Ted for his VP. I’m calling it.