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On The Five today, Greg Gutfeld had a very serious and important question for the most successful pundit on TV, Tucker Carlson, about the now jobless pundit who pretends not to be one.

“Hey Tucker, I’ve got two questions for you,” said Greg when it was his turn among the hosts. “Number one, quite obviously you’re on Fox Nation. This is a special. Fox Nation is a streaming success. Now that CNN+ is defunct, has Fox Nation considered rehiring Chris Wallace for Fox Nation?”

“We could probably get him at a discount,” said Greg. “And I’ve seen that he interviews a lot of very interesting people?”

Watch Tucker’s answer:

“We had a meeting about it this morning in my office.”

“Oh really?”

“I was like, no. He just failed! And then one of my producers goes, ‘You know, he’s Mike Wallace’s son.’”

“Done, he’s gotta be good.”

BTW the other question was about California politics. Maybe Chris Wallace can chime in on that one for free, sortof like an audition?