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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson got the last laugh and took a victory lap last night after it was reported that CNN+ is scheduled to shut down after one month.

Former Fox News host Chris Wallace was supposed to be the main attraction for the network and just prior to the launch of his new show, he trashed Carlson and Fox News in an interview with the New York Times.

Occupy Democrats tweeted at the time, “Ex-FOX News host Chris Wallace trashes former colleague Tucker Carlson for shamelessly pushing Trump’s Big Lie and claiming that January 6 was a false flag event, accuses Tucker of trying to change the very concept “of truth.” RT TO THANK CHRIS FOR CALLING TUCKER OUT!”

Carlson began a segment on the situation last night with a graphic that read, “RIP CNN+ 3/29/22-4/30/22” and featured “ghosts” with various faces of CNN+ including Wallace.

During the course of the segment, Carlson spoke with Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino who broke the news last month that CNN+ was dead on arrival.

While Carlson was speaking with Gasparino, at one point, the chyron at the bottom of the screen read, “The Big CNN Flop: Nobody signed up to watch Mike Wallace’s son,” referring to Wallace’s father, the legendary “60 Minutes” reporter.

Gasparino explained, “They got some blowhard from NYU, Scott Galloway, talking about tech, I mean the guy,  I don’t understand why people would tune into this guy, and I guess, Chris Wallace, the aforementioned Chris Wallace. You know, I’m not going to critique his journalism abilities, I’m sure he’s very good at his job, I don’t watch him much, I didn’t watch him much when he was on our network.”

Both Gasparino and Carlson cracked up as the latter responded, “I’m with you, man.”

“I’m just gonna say, that’s not gonna sell it, you need something to sell it,” Gasparino emphasized.

Later on in the interview, the chyron switched to asking, “Who thought Chris Wallace would be a draw at CNN?”

While Carlson certainly could have gone in harder against Wallace, the whole situation certainly has to provide him with a level of vindication.

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