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Biden wants you to know that he’s doing a ‘hell of a job’ and that you just don’t get it.

You know, like how well he’s done on the catastrophe at the border, on leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, on skyrocketing inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, etc.

He says things are moving so ‘rapidly’ it’s just too hard for you to follow. You just aren’t smart enough:

“What I’m worried about now is that we’ve done one hell of a job. But the fact is, that because things have moved so rapidly, so profoundly, it’s hard for people –” to follow.

Biden said this yesterday while he was in Oregon at a fundraiser, according to Bloomberg.

He was telling Democrats they needed to be better at communicating the good things he’s done and claimed that if they do, they can win two Senate seats.

Biden also blamed the Senate for derailing his agenda, accusing both Sinema and Manchin (not by name) of declaring themselves ‘presidents’:

He lamented the closely divided, 50-50 Senate that has stymied his legislative ambitions, and made an apparent critique of two moderates in particular who’ve resisted his agenda, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. He did not mention either senator by name.

“The bad news there’s 51 presidents,” he said. “Anyone can declare themselves a president, as two Democrats have.”

Wait, how does he get 51 presidents exactly? There are 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats in the Senate. And if both Manchin and Sinema have declared themselves presidents, wouldn’t that make 52?

Sorry, I forgot. Biden can’t math or much of anything else for that matter.