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Future MSNBC host and White House spox Jen Psaki told Chris Wallace today that teachers should be discussing gender identity with young children in elementary school.

She poses the question “what do you do if a kid in one of these elementary schools says I’m not sure if I’m a girl or a boy?”, suggesting that teachers should be able talk to talk about this with the very children Florida’s new law protects from this toxic LGBT garbage.


I’ll tell you what teachers should do Jen Psaki. If a teacher gets asked such a bizarre question from such a young child, they should tell that child they need to discuss it with their parents. End of discussion.

And as I’ve said recently, I think this should be the case all the way through high school.

Gender identity is a toxic ideology and can easily ruin the lives of children who don’t know much about who they are or why they tick. And teachers should not be pushing this unnecessary confusion on them.

As far as the last point Psaki made, I’ve addressed this before and it’s a ridiculous point. Leftist teachers around the country are already pushing to discuss gender identity with elementary school children as young as 5-years-old and this has to be stopped. DeSantis and Florida are not inventing a problem, but putting a stop to one before it gets going.

As a bonus clip, here’s Chris Wallace pushing Psaki to explain why Joe Biden has been sheltered from the media so much. She dismisses it as nonsense, but Wallace, to his credit, pushes back with facts: