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CNBC is reporting that under Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN+ is likely to be permanently canceled. This could leave former Fox News host and Democrat Chris Wallace completely unemployed.

This is a breaking story reported first on CNBC and more details will be added shortly. Wallace was reported to be furious after Jeff Zucker lost his position as president and has been complaining ever since. Perhaps he should have stayed at Fox News, although we’re sure most Fox News viewers don’t miss him.

Recently Megyn Kelly, another former Fox News host took a swipe at Wallace and how unpopular he is in her opinion.

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) was down almost 6% in the stock market in a recent check.

Recently it was reported that CNN+ had suspended marketing and had layoffs looming, but as a CNBC commentator noted, no one saw the complete cancelation of the streaming service coming this quickly.

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