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Both Valerie Jarrett and Roland Martin are sticking it the “non-scientist” Trump judge who ended Biden’s mask mandate by posting selfies wearing their masks.

Jarrett tweeted yesterday with this one after U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle nixed the mandate on Monday, saying she wasn’t going to let some non-scientist judge tell her what to do:

Ok to be fair, the judge didn’t tell anyone what to do. Mizelle ruled that the CDC violated the law when issuing their mandate and this judge simply undid it.

Roland Martin also tweeted a mask selfie with goggles and said he doesn’t “give a damn what some grossly unqualified Donald Trump judge said”.

The responses were pretty funny to Martin, with some pointing out that he must have felt differently a few weeks ago when he was attending a concert without a mask:

Here’s a few more…

And lastly, some were also pointing out that Jarrett was also maskless among people literally two weeks ago: