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Taylor Lorenz thinks she’s always the victim.

She doxxed Libs of Tiktok yesterday, including linking to personal details about her along with divulging her name, and yet now she’s pretending to be the victim of an online hate campaign or something.

“I’m doing great”, she says. That’s right, none of this is her fault. She’s the victim of vicious hate campaigns that are coordinated or something.

Good grief. If you want to talk about a vicious campaign against a private citizen, look no further than Taylor Lorenz and the Washington Post. They are the ones coordinating to destroy her by outing her name and personal details.

Yes, that’s right. They linked to personal information about her that included an address on it. Then later on yesterday, Lorenz’s editors stealth edited it away and now claim they never revealed anything other than her name.

But the internet caches caught it. I could link to one that did catch the link before it was secretly removed but I’m not going to, because I’m not participating in the campaign to publicize her real name. I respect her right to privacy.

Here’s a little reaction to Lorenz’s tweet above pretending to be a victim: