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A brave reporter dropped a truth bomb on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot today regarding the rampant crime in the city versus her reelection.

The reporter’s central question to Lightfoot was why she would dare run for reelection after she’s hurt the city so badly.


After a short list of crime highlights, the reporter asks: “Real Chicagoans are asking me how could you possibly even consider running for re-election as mayor of the city of Chicago after all the harm you’ve caused?”

Wow. It’s rare to see Democrats held to account by reporters so this is pretty significant.

Lightfoot responded by saying she wouldn’t even dignify that question with an answer or something.

But the reporter isn’t wrong. NBC Chicago wrote at the end of last year that 2021 was the deadliest year in a quarter century.

The year of 2021 ended as one of the most violent on record in Chicago, as a rise in the number of shootings left more people dead than in any single year in a quarter century, according to statistics released by the police department on Saturday.

According to the department, 2021 ended with 797 homicides. That is 25 more than were recorded 2020, 299 more than in 2019 and the most since 1996. And there were 3,561 shooting incidents in 2021, which is just over 300 more than were recorded in 2020 and a staggering 1,415 more shooting incidents than were recorded in the city in 2019.

Other cities have also seen an increase in the number of homicides. But Chicago, as it has in previous years, ended 2021 with more homicides than any other city in the United States, including New York and Los Angeles, both of which had recorded at least 300 fewer homicides than Chicago for the year as of late December, according to police data from those cities.

It’s no wonder she wouldn’t answer the question because she can’t defend it. Her record speaks for itself and hopefully the voters will kick her out of the city this year.