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The New York Times has named a new executive editor, Joseph Kahn. Who somehow approved these glam shots for the roll out:

It’s like Pajama boy grew up or something. The berries-croissant-coffee-cup-with-Chinese-characters still life tableau is a nice cosmo touch. I’m going to look forward to his rule as much as the last four ridiculous people they’ve had in the EE slot.

UPDATE: It’s already becoming a meme:

No doubt the next Time EE will offer up this pose:

Today in racism: I am told this is a real Tweet. I can’t find it on the person’s feed (I’ve figured out who it is), but there are enough similarly race-demented Tweets on the feed to make me think it is authentic and was probably taken down, and in any case, who can doubt that there are people who think this plausible:

The clock is Tik-Tok-ing for the left. Being a Certified Old Guy, I’m slow to the whole world of Tik-Tok, which seems on the surface to be Instagram on meth. (But then I’m not really in the flow of Instagram. . .) So I’ve been slow to catch up with the controversy over the “Libs of Tik-Tok” Twitter stream that has caused the left to lose its mind. Twitter has suspended the feed several times now, for the offense of . . . posting leftist Tik-Tok videos. Like this one:

I think it is Glenn Reynolds who came up with the axiom: The left wants the right to shut up, while the right wants the left to . . . keep talking.” Twitter’s suspension of Libs of Tik-Tok shows that the left really doesn’t want you to know what they are saying. Glad the lady behind Libs of Tik-Tok (who has been doxxed by the Washington Post) is doing this.