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Don Jr. explained why Trump endorsed J.D. Vance and it had a lot to do with a debate between Mandel and Gibbons last month.

According to Daily Mail, Don Jr. says Trump was disgusted after Mandel and Gibbons almost came to blows in that viral debate moment from last month:

Former President Donald Trump made his decision to endorse J.D. Vance in the contentious race for the Ohio Senate nomination after expressing his disgust at two other candidates who almost came to blows during a debate, his son Don Jr. said on Wednesday.

Trump unveiled his endorsement of the Hillbilly Elegy author on Friday, triggering a cascade of donations and momentum for Vance, who had been trailing in polls.

It also brings some big name boosters, like his son Don Jr, who appeared with him at a town hall event in Independence, Ohio, on Wednesday.

‘You know, he makes up his own decisions, as you’ve seen over the years. He is a sort of a professional contrarian and I think that’s served him very well,’ Don Jr told reporters after the event.

‘On the policies, this was a no brainer.’

But he said a widely ridiculed debate clash between Mandel’s leading opponents was key.

‘I go, you saw those things, he goes, ‘Yeah, that was that was pretty ugly.’

Video of the debate clash between Mike Gibbons, 69, a businessman, and Josh Mandel, 44, a veteran, went viral after they almost came to blows.

Daily Mail reports that Vance wasn’t expecting the endorsement was surprised to learn he’d gotten it:

On Wednesday Vance said he had been taken by surprise when Trump called him to say he was getting the endorsement.

‘I was having a cookies and cream milkshake with my kid on Friday,’ he said, when the former president telephoned.

They also report that Vance had big backers pushing Trump to endorse him, including his own son and Tucker Carlson:

A source familiar with Trump’s decision said Vance had powerful backers. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Sen. Josh Hawley and Donald Trump Jr. all lobbied the president to plump for Vance.

And Trump ultimately decided that Vance, a 37-year-old Marine veteran, had the best chance of winning and will serve as a ‘devastating rebuke of the ‘failures of Joe Biden and the Radical Left Democrats’.

I think a fair amount of people were unhappy with the endorsement. I just hope, should Vance win, that he ends up being a good Senator and not part of the milktoast brigade. Because that’s what I’m worried about.