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In the latest court filing by John Durham, he revealed that five associates of Hillary Clinton invoked their 5th amendment rights and refused to cooperate with his investigation:

The only witness currently immunized by the government, Researcher-2, was conferred with that status on July 28, 2021 – over a month prior to the defendant’s Indictment in this matter.

And the Government immunized Researcher-2 because, among other reasons, at least five other witnesses who conducted work relating to the Russian Bank-1 allegations invoked (or indicated their intent to invoke) their right against self-incrimination.

The Government therefore pursued Researcher-2’s immunity in order to uncover otherwise-unavailable facts underlying the opposition research project that Tech Executive-1 and others carried out in advance of the defendant’s meeting with the FBI.

I wonder if one of these people was Hillary Clinton herself, because she would undoubtedly have to plead the 5th to keep from incriminating herself.

Either way, it’s not shocking that Clinton associates involved in this scandal would do this and I’m glad Durham found a way around their stonewalling.

I just hope that in the end we see more indictments and one of them is Hillary. It was by her and on her behalf that all of this was set in motion. Of this I have no doubt.