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Elon Musk sent a mixed message today in a tweet where he suggested that social media platform policies should make the “most extreme 10%” on the left and right equally unhappy.

“A social media platform’s policies are good if the most extreme 10% on left and right are equally unhappy,” Musk declared.

All eyes appear to be on Musk’s Twitter account as the tweet has already racked up over 160k likes in less than two hours.

The tweet by Musk has also garnered over 11k comments and nearly 2k quote tweets in that same time frame.

Many of the responses came from those on the right that those on the left might argue would be among the 10%.

Darren Beattie explained in a quote tweet, “In fairness, Elon probably thinks the furthest right 10% wants to censor liberals, the furthest 10% of left wants to censor conservatives and the 80% moderates support free speech.”

Dave Rubin told Musk, “The problem is that the Right generally wants the Left to be on platforms so they can expose the lunacy. The Left generally wants people banned, fired and erased.”

Mike Cernovich wondered, “How would WAPO survive?”

Lavern Spicer asked Musk to “Define extreme 10% of the Left and Right with examples.”

The reality is that at this point the percentage of who is on the so-called extremes on both sides is probably higher than that.

Time will tell if Musk elaborates further and we will update if he does.

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