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“RINO” U.S. House Rep (R-IL) who will likely not be re-elected and voted to impeach former President Donald Trump is in the news again. He seems to like to find ways to get in the news, even if it means doing or saying things that embarrass him or anger his constituents.

Although there are other anti-Trump Republicans, some of which are also facing challenging elections coming up soon, in some way, Kinzinger’s public crying and other theatrics may just take the cake in the department of RINOs.

While Trump waits to see how the 2022 elections go to decide (in our guess) when and if to announce his 2024 presidential run, Kingzinger has thrown himself into the limelight yet again. Recently, Adam Kinzinger, the so-called “moderate” Republican, spoke to the radical left-wing news outlet Huffington Post. “I wouldn’t mind having a break,” he said at one point, of his future in politics. But from there he pivoted, however.

“So, I look at it this way,” he began after I asked him about this. What followed was the boilerplate response from someone who’s mulling things behind the scenes: “I’ll make a decision when we get there, if there’s a need and a desire. It’s truly not anything I’m planning right now, but I’m not going to rule it out,” Kinzinger said. “Look, if we’re in a position, if it’s just terrible candidates and the country’s in a worse place? Maybe. But there’s no grand plan right now.”

HuffPo reported:

I asked Kinzinger whether he wants to run against Trump, who is expected to mount a third campaign for president. “I would love it. I really would,” he said, his eyes instantly widening. “Even if he crushed me, like in a primary, to be able to stand up and call out the garbage is just a necessary thing, regardless of who it is. … I think it’d be fun.”

It seems like some people just like attention. Time will tell how the upcoming elections go. However, we don’t predict a President Kinzinger anytime soon in our estimation.

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