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Many are ready to make money from the slap at The Oscars. Chris Rock’s little brother, Kenny Rock, wants to box Will Smith in a celebrity boxing match. To this rapper, Ray J announced his investors would be interested in a match only if were between Chris Rock and Will Smith.

In response to a social media post from the shade room that announced Kenny Rock’s offer to box Will Smith, Ray J replied, “It can only be Will vs Chris, my investors are ready right now – 50M fight no less”

Will Smith nor Chris Rock have commented on the proposal made by Ray J. Kenny Rock however will be proceeding with his celebrity boxing match in Florida regardless of who his opponent will be.

After The Oscars’ slap, sales of tickets to Chris Rock’s tour spiked and so did prices on the secondary market. Second shows, as well as new shows, were added and many sold out quickly.

The man that Will Smith’s wife Jada had an affair with is also taking the opportunity of heightened press and is in talks with publishes about a five-figure book deal. He also released new music quickly after The Oscars controversy referencing Jada.

While presenting at The Oscars, Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Smith. Will Smith then jumped on stage and slapped Rock. After returning to his seat Smith screamed, “Keep my Wife’s name out your ***ing mouth” at Rock. The obscene screaming was censored from the broadcast of The Oscars.

Smith was eventually banned from The Oscars for 10 years, however, he was allowed to keep The Oscar he won that night for Best Actor. Smith has also publicly apologized for his actions.

Chris Rock has said he won’t be talking about the slap unless he is paid to talk about it. This seems like a realistic possibility with the amount of attention the slap has gotten in the media. Who knows what else we will see to come from The Oscars’ slap.

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