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This chart below from a YouGov poll essentially ratifies what everyone knows about major media these days—it has become partisan to the left. If the media weren’t biased, why would Democrats express so much more trust in the media than Republicans?

The one interesting outlier here is the Wall Street Journal, which has the narrowest spread between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans like the editorial page (as they should), while Democrats probably don’t like it in part because of the editorial page, but also perhaps simply because it has “Wall Street” in the title, and Wall Street=Business, and for liberals, Business=Evil. (Never mind that Wall Street has moved left, and the Wall Street Journal‘s news pages are pretty much as liberal as any other newsroom.)

Note that about the only news source with wide trust is the Weather Channel. C.S. Lewis used to day that people should only read the sports pages in the newspaper, because at least half of the news there would be true. That’s not true any more, of course, as one look at ESPN and coverage of collegiate “women’s” swimming will demonstrate.

P.S. Interesting that nobody thinks much of The Guardian.