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Europe’s dependence on Russian energy is funding genocide. —Michael

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy urges quick EU sanctions on Russian oil, all banks —Reuters

EU Split On Russian Oil Embargo —Tsvetana Paraskova, OilPrice

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Selected opinions and news today:

What the Left Has Done to Women —Dennis Prager, National Review

Majority Backs Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill —TIPP Insights

Shanghai’s lunatic lockdown — BRENDAN O’NEILL, SPIKED

Will Fauci, Liberals Apologize for Millions of Lives Damaged? —Kyle Smith, NYP

Revisiting Hunter Biden’s Laptop —Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative

Temperature Drop on Neptune Mystifies Scientists —Will Dunham, Reuters

Democrats Need to Help Working Families Afford Gasoline, Not Prioritize Electric Vehicles —Hank Naughton, RealClearPolicy

It’s Important to Have Worst-Case Scenario Plan Kim Iskyan, American Consequences

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