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Disney Groomer is now trending nationwide after Twitter locked out Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec for calling Disney groomers.

Posobiec has long been a popular influencer on the social media platform providing breaking news tweets on a variety of conservative subjects.

Upon being released from his suspension, Posobiec doubled down on the situation by tweeting out the phrase eight times in all caps.

Posobiec then taunted the left by tweeting, “Sorry, libs! Still here. But don’t lose sleep over the impending dread of Poso tweets – just head to http://MyPillow.com and use promocode Poso for big deals and cure your sleepless, neurotic nights! Not like you’re doing anything else in bed anyway.”

In a follow-up tweet, Posobiec declared, “I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to say when Twitter let me back on and here is my official statement on the matter.”

Posobiec included a video that showed the Disney logo spelling out “Groomers” instead as his “official statement.”

Currently the phrase “DISNEY GROOMER” is sitting at #16 on the Twitter trending list.

Posobiec has gone on the offensive after Donald Trump endorsed Mehmet Oz for the Pennsylvania Senate and has been voicing his displeasure by sharing clips where Oz appears less than conservative, to say the least.

“BREAKING: Here is Dr Oz promoting transgenderism in children. In the full episode he even promotes surgery for children This is not very conservative, Doc!”

@DrOz as a proud Pennsylvania native I would like to hear your response on these episodes! Why did you take them down from your website?”

It is unclear if there truly is a more conservative option right now for the Pennsylvania Senate but it is clear that Oz is going to have to clear these things up before many Republicans will support him, with or without Trump’s endorsement.

As for Posobiec, he is walking a very fine line and could end up being suspended by the platform, which would be a tough blow to conservatives, as he often provides valuable news coverage with his tweets.

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