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The federal investigation of Hunter Biden gains momentum. -Michael

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Questions for Hunter & dad — ANDREW MCCARTHY, FOX NEWS

12 Times Biden Played a Role in Hunter’s Business Dealings —Emily Crane, NYP

Is ‘The Big Guy’ In Big Trouble? —Issues & Insights

Hunter Biden, the Invisible Government and the Laptop from Hell Armstrong Williams, RCP

Biden wrote college recommendation letters for kids of Chinese exec tied to Hunter Emily Crane and Miranda Devine, New York Post

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The Scandal Obama Still Won’t Acknowledge –George Neumayr, American Spectator

Barack Obama’s Humiliation of Feeble Joe Biden —Miranda Devine, New York Post

Fighting Covid & Wokeness, DeSantis Leads Way —Karol Markowicz, FOX News

Durham Creates Timeline of Dems’ Effort to Sell Russia Lie —John Solomon, JTN

Results Are In: Republican Election Integrity Efforts Work —Paris Dennard, RCP

The Deliberate Plan Behind the Border Crisis —Chad Wolf, Washington Examiner

Biden Admin Miscalculates With Gender Agenda —Park MacDougald, UnHerd

A ‘Conservative’ Radio Station Caves to Left’s Censors –Amber Athey, The Spectator