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U.S. House Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Joe Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin got into a heated discussion today at a defense budget hearing.

Gaetz sits on both the Committee on Armed Services as well as the Budget Committee and is also a member of the House Freedom Caucus.

In a clip that was shared on his Congressional page, Gaetz can be seen by initially asking Austin about whether on not the military embraces socialism.

Austin said that the military doesn’t embrace socialism and Gaetz cut him off, leading to a repremand from the chairman.

Gaetz then wondered why they would invite someone to “evangelize” to the military about socialism if that was his position.

“You guys have been blowing a lot of calls lately… what in the $773B that you are requesting today is going to help you make assessments that are accurate in the face of so many blown calls?” Gaetz asked.

Austin responded by suggesting that the budget “speaks for itself.”

Gaetz was not satisfied and continued to knock Austin for perceived failures by the military including being behind in developing hypersonics.

After Gaetz went through other “woke” priorities that the military appears to have, which didn’t sit well with Austin.

“The fact that you’re embarrassed by your country. I’m sorry for that,” Austin lamented.

Gaetz fired back, “I’m embarrassed by your leadership! I am not embarrassed for my country… That is so disgraceful that you would sit here and conflate your failures with those of uniformed service members.”

After further back and forth, Gaetz concluded by telling Austin that “I saw that the Obama administration tried to destroy our military by starving it of resources and it seems the Biden administration is trying to destroy our military by forcefeeding it wokism.”

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