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PJ O’Rourke 1947-2022

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I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing.
He was a brilliant satirist with a sharp wit who could expose hypocrisy and dispatch the grandiloquent dissembler with a stroke of the pen… and leave them laughing about it.
PJ was a satirical genius… I was one of his biggest fans, along with millions of readers.
His columns were funny AND POWERFUL.
PJ demonstrated that substantive discourse could be engaging, persuasive, dynamic, compelling, memorable and devastating by its sheer entertainment and the hilarity of his writing.
PJ taught me that you could reach a much larger audience and have more staying power with humor. He used sarcasm as a weapon of mass destruction. He was a hippy turned Reagan conservative who never forgot our constitutional pilings or our foundation of liberty and freedom, and the power of the free market.
His observations were incisive, trenchant and penetrating, and his prose, was piercing, sharp and cutting, and all so much fun.
I could not believe that PJ O’Rourke agreed to write a brief endorsement for my first book. It is one of my most treasured possessions… right next to Thomas Sowell’s.
He wrote, “Michael Ramirez gives new meaning to the phrase “drawn and quartered.” Rather than being depicted in a Ramirez cartoon, most politicians would choose to be chopped into fourths and disemboweled. (They don’t have a lot of guts anyway. )Being drawn and quartered means pols could run for office in four different electoral districts at once. Being drawn by Ramirez means they’re really done for.”
PJ O’Rourke was a genius. He understood the fragility of democracy and the precious nature of our Grand Republic. He firmly reminded us not to take it for granted.
Fortunately, PJ lives on in his books and writings. Take a minute and pick up a copy of “Parliament of Whores” and try to tell me you haven’t laughed and learned more, all at the same time.
Rest in peace, my friend. May God embrace you in the warmth of His love and comfort your loved ones.
The Republic is less without your wisdom, your humor, your wit, and your astute observations.
You will be dearly missed.
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