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Dear reader,

Today, Michael is taking a break, so I thought I would share what he drew for this sad day one year ago.

At some point in the early 90s, while driving my kids to and fro, I decided to tune into the local AM station to hear for myself why Rush was considered so controversial. My friends and family said he was a mere entertainer who provoked for personal gain, and that much of what he said were lies. I listened and heard what I believe was a man speaking from the heart, with a mind like a steel trap. Performing my due diligence, I tried in vain to detect any mistakes, distortions, and prevarications. Instead, like so many others, I was hooked, and tuned in nearly every day thereafter.

I think for many, Rush’s Great Voice most clearly expressed our deepest and most complicated feelings and thoughts about life, culture, and politics. Although I was not fated to meet him, in no small part, Rush encouraged my entrance into the political world in 2009, and my eventual friendship with Michael Ramirez, as well as a friendly acquaintance with James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley.

How did Rush Limbaugh affect your life?

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