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If blockchain is your solution for money and everything, you have been fooled, so stop reading now as this will be a waste of your time. If the label of “open source” gives you peace of mind, can you point to an example of when someone caught malicious code in a widely distributed application? If you are looking for an alternative platform, then you are simply moving from Coke to Pepsi.

For over two decades I have been working on tools for hyper-secure communications and autonomy. However, the first issue I encounter, in the rare case of actual dialog, is fear. The best line I got was “you are on the wrong side of the NSA.” If you live in fear, give up and kiss the boot that is stomping on you. You have no hope.

The second issue is that there is a disagreement another issue, typically theology. Why do you want alternative platforms? Perhaps so those that disagree can engage in rationale dialog? That may be OK, except for “THOSE” people, right? I have been told I am foolish because I am a follower of Christ. However, I am willing to work with and fairly represent the Atheist and Muslim. If you can’t work with me then the Bible has a word for you: “δειλός”.

Perhaps the third issue is “if I can’t make money on it, I’m not interested”. We are back to the boot analogy.

I have proposed ShofarCoin as a monetary alternative, but since you can make money off of the manipulation of money, it has to be ignored. Yes, it is self-issued credit.

There is the ShofarLeaks project, which is a different model then the better known WikiLeaks. However, we hear that Belmarsh is uncomfortable.

There is ShofarDomain which works with and works around the IANA domain name system. With the private routing idea, local communities and those spanning the globe become out of reach to the overlords.

However, since the focus is “simple and consistent”, rather than ultra-fast downloads and the latest cool features, there is little interest. The objective is to be able to communicate and find relevant information so you can exorcise your mind. If your mind is in the hands of Google, you have no hope. If social media is your life and you need to always know what the latest is, then you were described 2,000 years ago in Athens. See Acts 17:21.

I do the technology and can defend it. If there is someone who can explain it better than I, please contact me.