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Chicago Teachers Unions vote to decide to switch to remote learning, joining a growing number of schools that have chosen virtual classes despite scientific and public sentiment advocating in-person learning. —Michael Ramirez

Good morning,

I’ve long advocated school choice for both students and parents and homeschooled my own children through the eighth grade. My tendencies toward organizing led me to form large social meetups for homeschool families in my area so everyone could socialize, play and learn together, and we enjoy friendships that have lasted for decades. Like most homeschools, ours was successful because I could focus individualized attention on each child to suit his or her needs, and I loved teaching them. Though we hired personalized in-person instruction for music, math, and science, everyone hated remote learning.

That being said, my athlete son didn’t care much for being home and thrived in public high school; he loved the bustle of crowded hallways, easily navigated the social life, and became a leader. For kids like him and many others, I can’t imagine the irreparable harm caused by teacher’s unions who force families to use the worst method possible, remote learning, for their children. —Melissa Praemonitus

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Covid-19 Surge Leads Chicago School to Cancel Classes —CBS News

No Way to Grow Up

For the past two years, Americans have accepted more harm to children in exchange for less harm to adults. —New York Times

Remote Learning Fails the Test

New research finds student scores fell more sharply where virtual learning was prevalent —Wall Street Journal

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