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April 9th, 2021

by Brian

Golf is a frustrating game.  For that reason it’s a fertile source for humor. In the Sunday page above, from 1982, Miss Buxley asks her boss how his round went. Not well apparently.

General Halftrack usually plays golf with the other officers, Major Greenbrass, Captain Scabbard, Lt. Fuzz and Lt. Flap. Sarge is not often asked to join them. The episode below, from 2007, suggests there might be a reason besides rank for why he is not included.

There were a lot of cartoonists in Connecticut where Mort Walker lived and soon there was a large group of golfers that wanted to play together.  Mort would schedule the outings and sometimes had as many as four foursomes.  Eventually they started an annual event, The Connecticut Cartoonist Invitational Tournament, which continued for over 50 years.

This Sunday page from 2011 sums up Mort’s appreciation for the game.

We can’t assume that all of our readers know the rules of the game but it is a safe bet that most have some familiarity with how golf is played and the challenges of mastering the skills.  It has been a recurring theme in Beetle Bailey throughout its history and the opening of the season is an ideal time to revisit this popular pastime.

– Brian Walker